Pit Type Weighbridge

We offer Pit type weighbridges for various applications. Suitable for places where there is space limitation. In Pit type the entire weighbridge will be flushed with ground level. Major steel structural and load cells (either DIGITAL or ANALOG ) are not visible and presents under the plat form assembly. The man hole entry is provided for maintenance purpose. Pit type weighbridges needs very less area compare to Pit-less type weighbridges due to absence of ramps on either side.

The advantages of PIT type weighbridges are as follows:

  • Requires less space
  • Easy approach for accessing the lorry/Trailer
  • Suitable for public weigh bridges
  • Wide range of capacities & platform sizes
  • Flush to ground level
  • Offers easy movement of vehicles on platform
  • Designed for heavy usage in harsh environment
  • Wide range of capacities 5mt. to 150 mt.
  • Platform sizes 2 X 2m to 20 X 3m